Crossing 9,629km from Switzerland, Jillian Switzerland continues its journey of transporting masterpieces with a new stop on the busy Hang Khay street.

A small fragrance corner in the heart of the capital

Jillian Flagship Store Hanoi opens up a streamlined space in the style of condensed, handcrafted, and minimalist Swiss architecture. The store's main feature is a flying table designed with an "eco" approach, which is both artistic and environmentally friendly at the same time. Jillian Switzerland has cleverly brought the famous craft of its fragrances into the store space by arranging cocoon nests with traditional dó paper to form infinity scent boxes. Jillian Flagship Store Hanoi will be the place to preserve and spread the scent heritage of Jillian Switzerland in the heart of Hanoi.

The intersection between scent art and contemporary art

The niche perfume that is already different in the world of scents is now more unique when it comes to the story of contemporary painting. That is Come Out with the message from the painting "Whoever I Am" by artist Le Kinh Tai, conveying the journey to find and reveal the self. That message is specified in each fragrance layer as master perfumers Mirella Pomina roam on thousands of precious ingredients. The 200 bottles of Come Out worldwide are 200 separate and unique pieces from the painting "Whoever I Am". Come Out is not only a display of value but also a symbol of skillful craftsmanship.

Recreate the memory of Hanoi's summer with scent.

Summer in Hanoi is always a dream. Somewhere in the perfumery of Jillian Switzerland, you will suddenly catch a familiar scent from Hanoi summer in your memory. “Just a desire” brings the heat from the narrow streets full of sunshine slanting through the tree canopies in a summer noon. Honey & Bee is reminiscent of Thanh Lam's distant voice playing on loudspeakers at the intersection of Tran Phu and Phan Dinh Phung when singing the song "The return of April". The luscious white lily that wafted through the sweet night air was captured in the gentleness of Edelweiss. “I'm not a bad man” reminds us of moments looking out at Hanoi's night from the narrow balcony of a house with old French architecture in the years of youth.

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