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1.1. Security assurance for buyers:

UCC values its customers and respects their privacy, thus we make great effort to ensure the safety of customer's personal information. To ensure a successful transaction and minimize risks, we encourage Members of the website to pay attention and comply with the following commitments:

  • For any fraud and unauthorized use of your payment cards to buy goods, we will refund the amount we have received ONLY WHEN you (the cardholder) notify the card issuer and contact us immediately when you discover an unauthorized transaction.
  • You should not give payment details to anyone by e-mail. We are not responsible for the losses which may incur because of your information exchange via the internet or e-mail.
  • You must not use any program, tool, or other means to interfere with the system or alter the data structure. It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate, or encourage any activity to interfere, sabotage, or invade the website system. All violations will be handled following the Regulations and the provisions of law.
  • All transaction information is kept confidential except when there is a request to provide this information by competent legal agencies.


1.2. Only transaction safety mechanism

UCC actively provides secure payment solutions either through only payment services or payment on delivery (COD) to best protect you from the hassle of payment when buying online.

•     Secure payment process via the third-party payment services: ensure the standards of the international financial system such as PCI DSS of PCI Security Standards Council, 3D-Secure of Visa, MasterCard, and JCB .etc to ensure the safety of data, information on transactions and customer accounts. Those services completely meet the Bank's regulations or laws relating to payment and support services. The process of customer payment security and complaint handling is as follows:




- Your money will only be transferred to the Supplier after you confirm the completion of the transaction.

- You will quickly be refunded 100% of the transaction value when goods are misdelivered.

- You have the right to complain and receive prompt solutions when not receiving the incorrect delivery of goods happens.

All of your transaction information, account information, and cards are secured by the highest security technology available in e-commerce business activities.

- The anti-virus system helps to protect your information from spyware, viruses, Trojans.etc

Cash on Delivery (COD): Buyers can choose the cash-on-delivery method (COD) when placing an order. If the buyer is not satisfied with the products received, even after receiving the goods and paying, the customer can still make a request to return the product in accordance with the UCC Exchanging/Return policy.



2.1. Purpose and scope of data collection

The collected data on the Site www.jillianperfume.com includes email address, phone, username, login password, and customer's address. This is the mandatory information that UCC requires members to provide when they register to use our services. UCC also need this information to confirm and conduct necessary actions when members place an order, make a payment, or use any service of the company. During the payment process at the Website of UCC, we only keep details of the member's paid orders, information about the member's bank account number will not be collected. UCC will also use the member's personal information and some non-personally identifiable information (such as cookies, IP address, browser type, date totals, etc.) to increase the responsiveness of UCC in terms of Sites and Services, as well as to develop new functions, features, and services according to ongoing market trends and interests. Members will be solely responsible for the security and storage of all activities using the service under their username, password, and email box. Besides, members are responsible for promptly notifying jillianperfume.com Website about acts of the unauthorized use, abuse, breach of security, retention of registered names and passwords of third parties to take appropriate measures for solving the problems accordingly.

2.2. Scope of using the custome’s information

The Site www.jillianperfume.com uses information provided by the members to:

  • Providing services to members.
  • Sending notices on information exchange activities between members and the Website www.jillianperfume.com.
  • Preventing activities that negatively affect members' user account or abuse member’s user account for inappropriate purposes.
  • Contacting and dealing with members in special cases.
  • Do not use personal information of members outside the purpose of confirmation and contact related to transactions at www.jillianperfume.com.
  • In case of legal requirements: UCC is responsible for cooperating to provide member's personal information upon request from judicial agencies including Procuracy, People's Court, Police in charge of conducting investigations related to certain legal violations of customers. Otherwise, no one has the right to infringe on the member's personal information.

2.3. Information storage time

Personal information of members will be stored until a request to cancel membership is made or when members log in and cancel their accounts themselves. Personal information of members will be kept confidential on the server of www.jillianperfume.com.

2.4. Address of the organization collecting and managing information

  • Universal Care Joint Stock Company
  • Address: Room 3.01, Floor 3, 57-59 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 028 2253 8572
  • Email: info@universalcare.vn

2.5. Instruction for members to access and modify personal information

A member has the right to check, update, adjust or delete his/her personal information by logging into the account and editing personal information or making a request with UCC to do this. Members have the right to submit complaints to the Site's Board of Management in case the leaking of data is detected. Upon receiving these responses, UCC will verify the information and take responsibility for finding the reasons then instruct members to recover and keep the information confidential. Email: info@universalcare.vn. Phone number: 028 2253 8572

2.6. Commitment

UCC commits to secure the members' personal information on www.jillianperfume.com in accordance with the privacy policy. Collection and use of information of each member are done only with the consent of that customer unless provided by law.

  • Do not use, transfer, provide, or disclose to any third-party the member's personal information without consent.
  • In case the information server is attacked resulting in losing or leaking of member's data, UCC will immediately report the incident to the investigating authorities for processing and notifying members about the problem.
  • All member's online transactions including e-invoice and accounting information are stored with the utmost care and security.
  • UCC requires individuals to register/purchase products as members, must provide all relevant personal information such as name, contact address, email, identity card number, phone, account number, payment card number. etc, and are responsible for the legality of the above information. UCC is not responsible for nor resolves all claims related to the rights of that member if it considers that all personal information provided by that member when initially registered is not correct.


The information privacy policy complies with the relevant laws on protecting personal information and the Government's Decree 52/2013 / ND-CP on E-commerce issued on May 16, 2013.

Customers registering personal information on the Site www.jillianperfume.com agree with the terms and conditions of membership registration as follows:

3.1. Purpose: To specify the user agreement when making a purchase or registering membership on this Site. A registered member on www.jillianperfume.com is a person who has registered an account following the steps stipulated by UCC and accepted by the company.

When you register to be a member on the Site, we will collect the following information:


  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Shipping address

3.2. Scope of using of information: the information we collect above is only used for sale activities, delivery, order processing, online payment, promotion activities, and provide services of the company to the customers. We may share information about your name, address, telephone to delivery services or our partners in charge of carrying out shipping services.

3.3. The act of collecting and using a customer's information is done only with the consent of that customer unless otherwise provided by law.

3.4. A registered member must be responsible for managing his/her own account, password, and personal information.

3.5. If we identify that a member violates the following policies, we may suspend or revoke the membership of that member’s account, and we shall not be liable for damages arising out of such cessation or cancellation. In case a member does harm to our company or to a third person by violating the policies listed below, the violating member must be responsible for compensation for such damage.

●          Register membership with untrue or fake information

●          Make violations of laws and regulations.

●          Using account and password for any illegal purpose or allow the third person to use the account.

●          Damage to our company

●          Perform acts that are considered inappropriate or adversely affect our company

3.6. Instructions for complaint: Customers have the right to send a complaint or enquiry to the Site www.jillianperfume.com. Upon receiving this feedback, UCC will verify the information. In case the complaint is right and comply with our policies, we will take timely measures to protect customer's benefits.

3.7. The company may change the T&Cs and policies. All the amendment will be published on www.jillianperfume.com and will take effect upon publishing. Using our services after changes have been made imply that the member has acknowledged and accepted all such adjustments.

3.8. Customer information is stored on the UCC's server and the company is authorized to manage and secure all customer information.

3.9. All customer information is collected and stored at Universal Care Corporation.

3.10. All transaction information and personal/organizational information on the website of UCC are confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties (except for delivery and special cases). Universal Care Corporation commits to protect customer information in accordance with the relevant laws

3.11. UCC commits to secure customer information through the Site's security system and not use it for commercial purposes or any other purpose. We use suitable measures of information security to prevent loss, confusion or data changes in the system.

3.12. UCC commits to use the information only to create a safe, convenient and professional shopping environment and to enhance the quality of customer care. In addition, the information is only used in resolving issues related to disputes arising in transactions, payment via the website, and preventing activities that violate Vietnamese laws.

We will send personal information about you to other companies or individuals in such following cases:

  • We have your consent to disclose that information
  • We need to disclose your information to our shipping partners to deliver the products and services to you.
  • We have to comply with subpoenas, court orders or legal process.
  • We find that your actions on our websites are in violation of our user manual for certain products or services.


Updated on 01/01/2020.

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