"The mission of Jillian is to bring fresh, unique scents and niche fragrance collections that satisfy the most demanding customers but at an accessible price to more perfume lovers around the world."

UCC Switzerland GmbH

Founded by a group of scent-loving investors and prestigious perfumers, UCC Switzerland GmbH is a Swiss company that specializes in the research and development of scents and fragrant products. UCC owns Jillian Switzerland - a global luxury perfume brand created by the world's leading perfumers. Products of UCC use the best ingredients from leading fragrance houses in the world, mainly from LUZI - one of the top Swiss fragrance houses founded in 1926.

In 2019, perfumers and UCC Switzerland GmbH decided to launch Jillian in Asia to open a potential yet challenging market. Jillian was officially introduced to the Vietnam market on December 1, 2019. Universal Care Corporation (A subsidiary of UCC Switzerland GmbH in Vietnam) is authorized to exclusively distribute Jillian perfumes in Asia.

The name Jillian

is a wordplay from Gillian, which means “Sweetheart”. To the founders,the love in Jillian is conveyed through 3 layers, just like a perfume has 3 notes :

  • Love yourself: encourage the spirit of love and pamper yourself by chposing premium care products.
  • Love each other: promote creativity and "caring mindset" in customer service.
  • Love Nature: Jillian is committed to producing environment-friendly products and contributing to plant trees for a greener world, and always strives to improve its products and processes to minimize harmful impacts on the planet habitat.

    Collaboration among the world's top talented perfumers, premium sourcing and partnering with local OEM manufacturers is one of UCC Switzerland's core strategies, we bring premium products and services with international standards closer to customers around the world. With these spirits, we invite our customers to create their own love stories by savoring Jillian’s finest fragrances, thus becoming a Jillian - being loved and spreading love.

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