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Founded in 2019 by a group of scent-loving investors and prestigious perfumers, UCC Switzerland GmbH is a Swiss company that specializes in the research and development of scents and fragrant products. Products of UCC use the best ingredients from leading fragrance houses in the world, mainly from LUZI - one of the top Swiss fragrance houses founded in 1926. UCC owns Jillian Switzerland - a global luxury perfume brand created by the world's leading perfumers from France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, etc. Universal Care Corporation (A subsidiary of UCC Switzerland GmbH in Vietnam) is authorized to exclusively distribute Jillian perfumes in Asia.

In late 2019, Jillian Switzerland chose Vietnam as the 1st trial market for Asia in its journey in bringing the top international craftsmanship to local markets all over the world. Our mission is not only to bring the finest and unique scents but also to create niche collections that can satisfy the most exquisite "noses" at reasonable prices for consumers in over the world. Vietnam's perfume market is very diverse, yet its demand for exotic and high-end fragrances has never cooled off. In recent years, perfumers have surprisingly received more and more orders for niche scents creation from Vietnam with sharp specifications showing a very subtle sense. The Jillian team, therefore, works with a delicate and caring mindset to develop the finest products, carry a very thoughtful and localized marketing strategy that focuses on both perfumers' and customers’ sentiment. After 2 years of experiment in Vietnam market, we are now preparing for the official launch and expansion of the brand to other countries in Asia and Europe.



We are looking for a Marketing Executive to join our busy and passionate marketing team. You will work closely with the Marketing Manager to plan and execute the marketing programs across Jillian’s channels to align with Jillian’s branding and sale objectives.

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