Jillian's Come Out - The First Collaboration Between Niche Perfume And Contemporary Art

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On November 19, 2022, the perfume brand Jillian Switzerland officially launched a limited collection Come Out at the exhibition "When Perfume Meets Art," marking the first time contemporary art joins perfume.

Niche perfumes exude an exciting and unique kind of scent that is difficult to find, now embracing even greater value by taking inspiration from contemporary artwork. Come Out reveals the story behind the masterpiece "Whoever I Am" of famous artist Le Kinh Tai - an intense but profound emotion of one finding his true self.

Come Out was born as the creative resonance of two worlds of art. The message (statement) of artist Le Kinh Tai expressed through the painting 'Whoever I am', becomes art materials for Jillian perfumers to create a proud, exquisite, and individual scent combining priceless natural ingredients.

Come Out opens with Neroli orange and a few touches of herbs. The first impression is innocent and pure but also filled with passionate joy. Connecting through a slightly sour taste of tropical fruits, the heart note is calmer with a serene flower garden: delicate jasmine, peony, and rose. Musk, moss, and wood at the base play an essential ending in this journey bringing you back to pure and peaceful nature where perceive yourself out from the depths. Each note of Come Out slowly leads one into their inner world, answering questions: Who am I? Who I used to be? And who am I going to be?

"Proud, Exquisite, and Individual - Come Out is the layer that fits your inner self, expressing all the innermost pursuits."

Niche perfumes often stand out from 'common' when perfumers have gotten bolder in trying fresh fusions of fragrances, taking inspiration from events and experiences to inspire others. With Come Out, the whole process of creation is more remarkable when Swiss perfumer Mirella Pomina took almost 2 years to finish it. Influenced by artist Le Kinh Tai's painting Whoever I am, the perfume is not unique by the scent but also comes with limited and exclusive packaging. Only 200 bottles of Come Out in the first batch made with 200 different artworks picked from the painting that tells the story about the artist's ego. Each product turns out to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece making a strong impression on perfume lovers including Le Kinh Tai himself.

Only 200 bottles of Come Out in the first batch made with 200 different artworks picked from the painting that tells the story about the artist's ego.

Covid-19 has affected heavily the Come Out creation process yet made the project more international than ever. While the fragrance was created and evaluated in Switzerland, artist Le Kinh Tai directly joined the last crucial step in finishing its packaging in Vietnam. Each perfume bottle has the artist's typical hand-drawing icon and signature. The product thus reaches another level of craftsmanship in all aspects: a distinctive hand-crafted label, Jillian logo engraved zamac cap, hand-polished glass bottle, and transparent pipe letting customers enjoy the artwork through the bottle.

Come Out, as the gathering point of two worlds of art, has both showcase and humanity value. The collection was officially launched on November 19 in the exhibition "When Perfume Meets Art." The event was appraised by attending perfume lovers and contemporary art enthusiasts with many surprising interwoven between Art - Light - Scent. According to Jang Keu, a strategic consultant for UCC Switzerland group (Switzerland) - the brand owner, there is a harmony between the brand's concept and the Expressionist that Le Kinh Tai is pursuing; and Come Out is the perfect answer to realize that spirit.

With "When Perfume Meets Art", Jillian Switzerland had a stunning launch after two years in Vietnam, in which Come Out certainly is the most memorable highpoint for the fragrance market.

From November 20, 2022, incense lovers can receive a special Come Out fragrance at The Dark Gallery, Jiilian Showroom in Hanoi or stores of Jiilian in Ho Chi Minh City.

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