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Universal Care Joint Stock Company (UCC Vietnam) would like to sincerely thank our customers for trusting in our premium perfume and shower gel product line, Jillian Swit- zerland, that we distribute. With the goal of increasing brand recognition and avoiding counterfeit or fake goods, UCC Vietnam is constantly researching and trying to bring Jillian Switzerland perfume products with high quality, beautiful packaging images, and luxury to customers. In order to provide information to customers and partners, Jillian Switzerland would like to inform you about the additional issue of using anti-counterfeit stamps issued by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam and new seals on genuine perfume packaging, as follows:

1. All Jillian Switzerland-branded products are owned by UCC Switzerland GmbH Company (UCC Switzerland) and are genuine and distributed by UCC Vietnam in the Vietnam market. Products will use a seal in the form of a translucent lamination paper sticker and stick it on the bottom of the product's box.

2. In order to help customers properly identify genuine products with the Jillian Switzerland brand distributed by UCC in the Vietnam market, anti-counterfeiting QR code stamps are added to use for the entire product and are affixed directly, in parallel with sealing stamps, on the entire product box. All anti-counterfeit stamps are coated with matte nylon according to the standards issued by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam

3. The product extra label will be affixed to the back of the product case.

Instructions for identifying counterfeit stamps with a QR code

1. Identity, image, and expression
Scratch-covered QR code: Only scan and confirm once. After the end user buys the

product, they will scratch off the scratch coating to scan it, and after scanning, an information confirmation form will appear to check the genuineness of the product.

2. Instructions on how to check for genuine products
Step 1: Scratch the silver coating to protect the QR code.
Step 2: Use your phone with an internet connection to scan the QR code (apps can

be used to scan with the phone camera).
Step 3: Check the authentication information and product information on the screen.

The progress of changing and adding anti-counterfeiting stamps (quality assurance stamps) on all products will be carried out according to the schedule starting from March 23, 2023, at Jillian Switzerland genuine stores and at boutiques. Therefore, Universal Care Joint Stock Company (UCC Vietnam) would like to inform customers and partners about this change so that they can understand the information and pur- chase our products with ease.
If you have any questions about the above notice or need advice on Jillian Switzerland products, please contact us immediately.

For all inquiries and orders, please contact:
Universal Care Joint Stock Company (UCC Vietnam)
Address: No. 24, Street B2, Saritown Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 0938.349.196
Fanpage: Jillian Switzerland

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